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GM Credit Union Incentives

GM Credit Union Incentives | Quirk Chevy

As a credit union member you have access to exclusive GM Credit Union Incentives, discounts and benefits. Quirk Chevy has teamed up with several local credit unions around the Quincy and Greater Boston Area to help bring all these benefits to you. We did this so we could provide members of our community with affordable and reliable transportation.

Eligible credit union members are able to purchase vehicles at a special discounted price. This price is less than MSRP. GM Credit Union Incentives can be combined with most current discounts and incentives to save even more. A current statement or membership card should be all you need to receive the GM Credit Union Incentives. Other forms of proof may be accepted at the discretion of Quirk Chevy.

  • Most 2014 and 2015 Chevy models are eligible to receive GM Credit Union Incentives.
  • The best part is that you can share your discount with members of your household!

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