Chevrolet Preferred Owner Reward Program

No Cost

The Preferred Owner card costs you nothing. It is our way of rewarding our best customers.

Sky’s the Limit

As a Preferred Owner you earn a generous reward on all Customer-Pay purchases (pre-tax) for your Service. You can use your earnings on your next dealership visit or let them accumulate.

Thank You

The Preferred Owner card is our way of saying thank you for being a loyal member of our automotive family. We value your business, and your friendship.



GM Owner Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions
1. Upon receipt of the membership card/key tags (the ?Card?), member agrees to be bound by these program rules, terms and conditions. 2. Service Reward Dollars are earned by making qualified purchases of products and services only at Quirk Chevrolet (the ?Dealership?). 3. 3% of the total dollars, up to a maximum of $100 per visit/Repair Order/Order, member spends on a qualified purchase as outlined in the membership materials will accrue in Reward Dollars and can be used, up to $50 maximum per visit/Repair Order/Order, to discount your next service purchase at the Dealership. 4. Each Reward Dollar earned is equal to one dollar ($1) in discounts. 5. Qualified purchases include service, and vehicle rental transactions. All other purchases including wholesale parts, retail parts, and labor free services (wiper blade install, batteries, tire rotations, accessory install, etc. See service advisor for other excluded services.) are excluded from this program. Reward Dollars are earned on customer pay transactions only and based upon the dollar amount actually paid by the member. Warranty repairs do not qualify for Reward Dollars. Repairs or rentals reimbursed by insurance companies do not qualify for Reward Dollars. 6. Program will have a maximum redemption limit for both sales and service purchases and vehicle purchases that will be outlined when each member signs up. (up to $50 maximum per visit/Repair Order/Order) 7. Membership is eligible for renewal after 3 years from the original membership start date. At that time, members must open a new account and all accumulated Reward Dollars will be transferred to that new account. 8. Membership and Reward Dollars may not be transferred except upon renewal of your own account. Members cannot assign Reward Dollars to any other party. Members cannot pool accumulated Reward Dollars for any reason. Membership and Reward Dollars cannot be sold, bartered, brokered or transferred for any reason including death and domestic matters. Membership and Reward Dollars have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash. 9. Member?s balance can be checked online at 10. Transaction credits and account adjustments will be posted within 30 days of the qualified transaction date. 11. When redeeming Reward Dollars towards a vehicle purchase, qualified service/maintenance, members must present a valid membership Card, account number, or acceptable identification to complete transaction. 12. Reward Dollars will only be credited at the time a member makes a qualified purchase. 13. Only one account?s Reward Dollars may be redeemed per dealership transaction. 14. Membership cards remain the property of the Dealership and must be surrendered upon request. 15. Participation in the Preferred Owner Program is offered at the sole discretion of the Dealership and may be terminated at any time without prior notice. 16. The Dealership reserves the right to disqualify any person(s) from participation if in its sole judgment the member violates the rules, terms and regulations governing this program. In the event disqualification or program termination, accumulated Reward Dollars will be immediately terminated. 17. All members must be 18 years of age or older to participate. 18. Accumulated Reward Dollars may not be redeemed if you are in default under the terms and conditions of these rules or with any obligation which may be due the Dealership. Reward Dollars cannot be redeemed on past due accounts with the Dealership 19. Determination of income or tax liability related to the participation in this program is the sole responsibility of the participating member. General Motors, FMReps Distribution Inc., and the Dealership and any affiliates, make no representation as to the current or future tax consequences to the participating member as to the crediting, transferring, use, redemption, or disposition of program earnings. 20. The Dealership, General Motors and FMReps Distribution Inc. reserve the right to audit all accounts for compliance with these rules. In the event the audit reveals discrepancies, the processing of the program earnings may be delayed until such discrepancies are resolved. The Dealership reserves the right to make any and all decisions as to the validity of accumulated Reward Dollars. All such decisions are final. 21. Corporations, partnerships, LLCs and various other entities may not be eligible to participate. 22. Reward Dollar redemption/awards may not be allowed with certain GM promotions including and not limited too: GM Employee Purchase, GM Dealership Employee Purchase and GM Supplier Purchase. Dealership reserves the right to determine redemption/award eligibility. 23. Reward Dollar redemption/awards may not be allowed with other in-dealership promotions. Dealership reserves the right to determine redemption/award eligibility. 24. Nothing in these rules or in the program shall be construed to establish an agency, partnership, or joint venture relationship between the Dealership, FMReps Distribution Inc, GM or any other party. FMReps Distribution Inc., GM and the Dealership assume no liability for changes in the program or for discontinuing a Dealership service, which may affect the program benefits. 25. The Dealership, FMReps Distribution Inc. and General Motors reserve the right to change the program rules at any time without prior notice to members. 26. Preferred owners may have the opportunity to earn referral Reward Dollars. Referral Reward Dollars will be earned only upon receipt by the dealership of a Preferred Owner referral card prior to any vehicle sales transaction to a referral customer. Preferred Owner referral cards are available at time of membership sign-up. Additional cards are available upon request.