Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals are now part of the GM First Responder Discount.

We know you’re not in it for the recognition, & that makes you all the more deserving. And because you put so much on the line when you go to work, we’ve created a discount to be there for you when you need it. The GM First Responder Discount gives Healthcare Professionals special pricing on eligible, new Chevrolet vehicles. It’s our way of saying thanks for service that makes all the difference.

Program Overview

The General Motors First Responder Discount Program provides eligible Participants with the opportunity to purchase/lease eligible, new or unused vehicles at The Program price. By purchasing or leasing an eligible vehicle through this program, the participant acknowledges the rules & guidelines & agrees to abide by them. It is the participant’s responsibility to know the rules of this program outlined in this document. Violations of these rules by The Participant may result in sanctions against The Participant.

This program may be withdrawn at any time, & its terms are subject to change from time to time by General Motors. Final decisions in all matters relating to the interpretation of any rule or phrase of this activity rest solely with General Motors. First Responders employed by federal, state, or municipal governments may be subject to restrictions that limit their ability to accept this offer. Accordingly, this offer is void unless permitted by applicable federal, state & municipal laws, regulations, rules, ordinances, policies, codes of conduct, & other directives or standards regarding ethics & gift acceptance by the applicable federal, state, or municipal employees. By accepting this offer, you verify that doing so complies with all laws, regulations, policies, or other restrictions regarding ethics or gift acceptance that apply to you. The program cannot be applied to a prior purchase or lease.


Healthcare professionals will visit, click on “Get Authorization Number”> Healthcare professionals will click the “Sign In” button under 911 Dispatchers & Healthcare Professionals, then click “Register.”
If the customer has an existing account, follow the prompts to sign in and obtain an authorization number.

Rules, Guidelines & Eligibility

Who is eligible for the GM First Responder Discount Program?

We’re proud to announce that eligible healthcare professionals (as listed by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) qualify for the GM First Responder Discount.

Which vehicles are eligible?

Many new and unused Chevy cars; SUVs; crossovers; midsize, light-duty and HD pickup trucks; and passenger and cargo vans are eligible.

What is the vehicle discount?

The GM First Responder Discount Program allows eligible paid or volunteer Firefighters, Police — including Police Officers, Sheriffs and Sheriff’s Deputies, Correctional Officers, State Troopers and Federal Law Enforcement Officers — EMTs/Paramedics and 911 Dispatchers to purchase or lease eligible, new Chevrolet vehicles at special discount. The discount can also be combined with most current offers for an even better deal.

How many vehicles am I eligible to purchase/lease?

You may purchase/lease up to two (2) eligible, new and unused Chevy vehicles per year with the GM First Responder Discount.

Can I title a vehicle under my business name?

No. The GM First Responder Discount Program does not allow participants to title a vehicle in the name of their business.

Can I apply the GM First Responder Discount to a previous purchase?

No. Previous purchases/leases are not eligible.

Can I share my discount with someone?

No; however, vehicles can be co-titled.

Can I combine the GM First Responder Discount with current offers?

In most cases, yes. Visit Quirk Chevy Braintree for details to see how the values add up.

Does a purchase or lease require a down payment?

We will be able to provide details on the down payment for your chosen vehicle.

Current Lease & Finance Offers


If the dealer you visit is not willing to sell you a vehicle through The Program, you may visit another GM Dealer. Dealer participation is voluntary. Dealers are not required to participate in the GM First Responder Discount Program. To determine a dealer’s willingness to sell vehicles under The Program, you must speak with the dealer directly. The Program does not constitute an agreement between GM and The Participant for the purchase/lease of any vehicle at a specific price. However, by purchasing a vehicle through The Program, The Participant acknowledges The Program’s Rules and Guidelines and agrees to abide by the same program Rules and Guidelines. Participants are required to report any unauthorized use of authorization numbers immediately. Those who do not report any suspicious or unauthorized use of authorization numbers after they have been submitted on their behalf may be subject to a charge-back of any discount or incentives paid under The Program. Failure to comply with an audit request may subject The Participant to charge-back consequences as described herein. General Motors has the final decision on all eligibility requirements. The Program may be terminated or modified by GM at any time, in its sole discretion.

Compliance With Applicable Laws

If any law or regulation is adopted or interpreted which, in GM’s opinion, prohibits or penalizes the implementation of The Program, GM may, in its sole discretion, cancel The Program or any order submitted pursuant to The Program without any further obligation and without any liability to either the dealer or The Participant.