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Wheel Alignment and Tire Services for Chevrolet Vehicles

It is important to keep your vehicle’s tires properly aligned and balanced. We use a computerized wheel alignment machine to align your suspension. Because “eyeing it” will never get the job done as well as our GM-approved equipment. When your vehicle’s suspension is aligned correctly, you should have no problem driving in a straight line. Meaning, your vehicle will not pull to one side of the other.

We do this for many reasons. Most importantly, improperly aligned tires will wear out unevenly and much quicker than they would if the suspension was aligned. If gone for too long eventually, you will need to replace suspension equipment. We will notify you when your alignment is off.

How do I know if I need an alignment?

Your local technician or mechanic can tell you if your alignment is off-kilter. Or, if need be, you can check with a couple of basic methods. If the alignment is bad, your steering wheel may be at an improper angle while driving in a straightway. Another way of checking your alignment is to see if the vehicle veers to the left or the right when it should be going straight. These are clear signs that the vehicle’s alignment is off and should be readjusted.

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Tire Balance

Tire balances should be performed each time the tire is removed from the rim. This includes; post tire repair, the purchase of new tires, or after resealing the tire or stem. Unbalanced tires can cause dangerous driving conditions, reduce MPGs, and wear tires improperly.

A Tire Balance consists of applying small weights to the inside of the wheel to ensure the tire and wheel rotate evenly throughout the entire rotation.

How do I know if my tires are unbalanced?

If you feel a ‘wobble’ or ‘shaking’ during braking while driving on the highway, there is a good chance there is a wheel balance issue. Another means of checking for an unbalanced wheel is to look for flat spots on the tire or missing weights from the side of the rim.

While you are here, we will make sure that your tires are balanced. If they need attention, we will notify you and walk you through what needs to be done. This is done on a computerized machine. Because only “eying it” will never get the job done as well as our GM-approved equipment.