Pizza Delivery Guy Bullied by Car Dealership (parody)

April 21st, 2015 by

When an unsavory interaction between a friendly pizza delivery man and a snarky staff at a local Massachusetts used car dealership goes viral on the Internet, everyone has an opinion.

Here’s the clip on for those who have yet to see it:

Jarrid Tansey, the delivery driver, remained surprisingly calm through the ordeal and we thought we’d get creative and (maybe a little silly too) make a rendition of how we think everyone, pizza delivery drivers, customers, salespeople, politicians, and everyone else should be treated. We would have loved to be able to give these flowers, pineapple, and extra tip to Jarrid, and we hope that everyone takes note and just treats each other well.

And, thanks to the power of the voice of the Internet, Jarrid is netting himself a pretty solid tip via a GoFundMe campaign someone set up for him.

Here’s our version of the clip, hope you enjoy!!


Source: New feed